Friday, April 4, 2008

Thing Four

I have not used Flickr before this exercise. I enjoyed the ease of use and was amazed at the amount of pictures on this site. Some pictures I have taken are near and dear to me but not necessarily to someone else. I was amazed at the quality of pictures. Pros for Flickr: the ease of use while maneuvering a search and descriptions that people put on a picture. Cons for Flickr: Speed needed to download quickly and relevance of tags.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thing Three

Thing Three

I have used this tool repeatedly already. I have a student that does an electronic bulletin board for the school daily. He uses quotes daily on his slideshow. The RSS feed that I have on my blog takes him imediately to the quote of a day. This could be very useful for staff that need news but have little time to read lengthy articles or need the news delivered to them. I really like this tool and did not use it before now. Thank you

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thing Two

Finding Time

Time is of a precious commodity in our world. I started this some time ago and now find myself in a rush to pickup the pace. I find myself doing much of the early items at home when it is my down time. I fear that most of my work may need to be done from here as much of what we are testing is blocked where I work. We'll see.

I enjoyed the articles about L2. I know that I need to use some of the tools available out on the web to enhance the media center where I work. I get such a kick out of when something is blocked because it contains a forum, but as I pass some students using the Internet for research they are telling each other how to bypass such a filter.

On the Thing Three.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Thing One (Blog)

First Year Media Specialist
I am both excited and nervous to start with 23 items on a stick. As a first year media specialist I have composed a list of first year goals. I am working on my list, but as so many of you know, my list is growing not really shrinking. Now I have added 23 items on a list.

As a media specialist you need to be proactive with technology. 23 items on a stick is a great way to expose myself to tools available online while being proactive. We all know that time is a Valuable Commodity when dealing with the education of children.

The blog wasn't bad to set-up and I really enjoyed making my own Avatar. It looks somewhat like me. Looking forward to Thing Two.

Thing one went really well while attending the Mid-Winter MEMO conference. Thank you so much for helping out.